Hypnotic film of iridescent crystals growing

In Lattice, artist Maria Constanza Ferreira filmed microscopic crystals growing in a lab, then animated them into a mesmerizing work of art.

Via her site:

Her work magnifies the peculiar visual patterns found across microscopic and macroscopic landscapes and exposes their synchronous rhythms. Through her experiments with color, form, motion, sound, and the tactility of light, she aims to construct new ways to see and interpret the world by deliberately blurring the line between the physical and the abstract. Ferreira's process combines extensive research with the meticulous collection and construction of imagery sourced from publicly available databases and other unique scientific visualization techniques.

She also has several beautiful stills from the film at her site. Here's a similar piece she did called Via:

Lattice (Vimeo / Maria Constanza Ferreira)