Rob Ford's brother is running for Ontario Premier, but Rob Ford's widow is suing him for stealing millions from the family

Rob Ford was Toronto's laughable, deplorable crack-addict mayor; his brother is a far-right Trump figure, running for Premier of Ontario (having stolen the party leadership through dirty tricks), who created literal fake news when he hired a pretend reporter to follow him on the campaign trail and ask him softball questions.

With days to go until the Ontario elections and with Doug Ford slumping in the polls, Rob Ford's widow Renata Ford has sued her brother in law for mismanaging the company business (the Ford brothers are hereditary Tories, born on third base), stealing millions from her and her sons, misappropriating funds from her dead husband's estate to prop up his failing businesses, and paying himself a lavish salary.

Doug Ford countered by calling his sister in law a drug addict who blackmailed him.

Doug Ford — like his brother — has campaigned on his business acumen.

After the death of Doug Ford Sr. in 2006, the suit claims, Doug and Randy Ford arranged for "extravagant" salaries for themselves, which included bonuses, travel and allowances for vehicles, "regardless of the financial performance" of the businesses.

It goes on to claim that the brothers did not implement a business plan for the companies and that neither "have the education and business ability to justify their" positions as senior members of the companies, and that Doug Ford took funds from his brother's estate to help prop up his businesses in Toronto and Chicago.

PC Leader Doug Ford faces lawsuit alleging millions withheld from late brother's family [CBC]

(Image: Bruce Reeve, CC-BY-SA)