How to vote strategically in the Ontario election

There's only two days to go until the Ontario election, which pits a know-nothing, far-right, failed businessman born with a silver spoon in his mouth (who is too cowardly to talk to a real reporter so he hired his own) against the vastly unpopular incumbent Liberal Premiere Kathleen Wynne and a newly progressive NDP led by Andrea Horwath, who has abandoned the party's failed foray into centrism and returned to its Democratic Socialist roots.

Given what the Fords did to Toronto, it's obvious that the top priority needs to be keeping the Tories out, and many Ontario voters are wondering how to vote strategically — that is, where to vote Liberal and where to vote NDP.

An Ask Metafilter thread uses polling data to guide voters riding by riding, but honestly, the advice from Clawsoon gives a pretty simple rule of thumb: "If you click on "Seat Projections" in the CBC Poll Tracker that bkpiano linked, you'll see that the Liberals are currently projected to win less than 3-4 seats. Unless you're pretty sure you're in one of those couple of seats, NDP seems to be the safe left-wing vote this time around."