Watch this hilarious dismantling of Jordan Peterson's philosophical woo

Natalie Wynn, creator of the Contrapoints YouTube channel, is a lapsed academic well-versed in the lingo of both 4chan and Tumblr, making her the perfect person to construct an entertaining takedown of Jordan Peterson.

Check out her two-part series on Capitalism:

Her latest video, Tiffany Tumbles, introduces a couple of new characters that represent some of the internecine fights in the transgender community. Tiffany represents "one of the good ones," people who, like Peterson, get attention and approval and money from conservatives by defending the status quo:

The trans women Tiffany represents are actually in my opinion an important sign that trans activism has reached a certain threshold of acceptance. Until very recently, conservative trans people either went "stealth" and didn't tell people they were trans, or they were stealth about their conservatism, or both. The fact that someone can be out about both simultaneously is an important touchstone of acceptance in any civil rights movement. Having personally known and corresponded with tens of thousands of trans people, I can say that Tiffany's breakdown embodies the self-doubt many trans people feel, whether fleeting or nagging. I can also say that many trans people born this century are going to have a different kind of passing privilege than their elders, because those who seek medical options for transition at younger ages are often indistinguishable from non-transgender youth. For those who embrace a "gender schematic" aesthetic and worldview, they are more likely to be drawn in by "classical liberal" ideologues like Peterson, making Natalie's Contrapoints channel an important path away from those politics.

Plus she's a smart and engaging happy mutant, which we always like around here.

Jordan Peterson (YouTube / Contrapoints)