Turning the NSA's vintage internal security posters into t-shirts

Techdirt is in the throes of a two-part revelation: 1. the US government's works are public domain and can be freely commercialized, and; 2. many of the weird things that spy agencies make can be turned into ironic, cool, and sometimes fun and/or beautiful objects of commerce.

Since the Snowden revelations, there has been an aggressive campaign to pry loose the cultural artifacts of America's vast, secretive, paranoid spy agencies (euphemistically called the "intelligence community" by progressives who forgive these COINTELPRO-happy, unaccountable authoritarians so long as they're wrongfooting Donald Trump). And wherever a wonderful, weird artifact emerges from leaks of Freedom of Information Act requests, Techdirt is there to productize it.

First came the stunningly successful crowdfunder to produce a playable commercial version of the CIA's training card-game, "Collect It All."

Now, Techdirt has pounced on the hundred-plus weird, paranoid and wonderful NSA internal security posters that Government Attic secured and published last week, creating The NSA Collection, a line of 24 surveillance couture tees proudly emblazoned with a selection of the greatest of these posters.