Trippy and relaxing animated insects move to a hypnotic beat

Felix Colgrave animated this wonderful video for Nitai Hershkovits' Flyin' Bamboo.

It's a follow-up to his immensely popular breakout hit DOUBLE KING:

Trugglet, who painted the backgrounds, just announced it will open the Australian showcase at the Melbourne International Animation Festival.

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Hi, the film clip I worked on with felix, flyin' bamboo, has been selected for the Australian showcase at the Melbourne international animation festival ( @animationfest ) and will be playing on opening night, hope to see you there 🌷🌿🐞🐌 . . . . . . . . . #flyinbamoo #animation #felixcolgrave #miaf #australiananimation

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Congrats to all involved!

Nitai Hershkovits - Flyin' Bamboo Feat. MNDSGN (YouTube / Felix Colgrave)