Watch North Korea's film on Kim Jong Un's Singapore trip with Trump

No, really. You gotta see this.

The state of North Korea produced and released this 42 minute documentary about Kim Jong Un's visit to Singapore to meet up with Donald Trump. The documentary covers the North Korean dictator's entire trip, from beginning to end.

Yes, the moment when Trump saluted a North Korean general is in their shiny new propaganda reel, you betcha.

The documentary follows KJU hanging out in his presidential suite at the St Regis Singapore, strolling by the infinity pool on top of the Marina Bay Sands resort… it's something else.

Here's a Google machine translate of the YouTube descriptive text for the video:

Chosun Central TV aired a documentary film detailing the whole process of the 6.12 South-North summit today.

The documentary was broadcast under the title of "Dear Kim Jong Un, the dear leader, with the United States President, and the first seasonal reunion with President Kim Jong Il was held."

In a documentary film, North Korea's Central Television has released a video of Kim Jong Un, chairman of the National Assembly, who visited Singapore from October 10 to 12 for the North American summit.

In particular, during the North American summit meeting held on December 12, when the first meeting of Chairman Kim Jong Eun and President Donald Trump, the announcer said, "This past moment of hostility and distrust is over and the future of dialogue and cooperation begins. I watched him," he said in a quivering voice.

Commentary from the Washington Post's Anna Fifield below.

[LINK, via Anna Fifield]