Scott Pruitt's $4.6m "security" bill includes a $1500 worth of taxpayer-funded "tactical pants"

Scandal-haunted EPA chairman Scott Pruitt has billed the American public for $4.6 million for his "security," a roster of expenses than includes a supply of "tactical pants" purchased for the low price of $1,500 (he also spent about $900 on matching "tactical polos").

Trump literally hired a mall ninja to run the EPA.

Only the best people.

Pruitt's office spent $24,115 on a variety of tactical clothing and body armor in seven separate orders. All of the tactical gear was purchased in 2018, more than a year into Pruitt's tenure as EPA chief. The agency spent a staggering $88,603 on radios and accessories, including holsters and travel chargers.

According to the expense records, Pruitt's office also spent $150,900 on leasing vehicles. The list of expenditures does not break down how many vehicles were leased or any specific details about them, but the rate is considerably higher than past expenses along these lines. By contrast, when Pruitt received an upgraded Chevy Suburban with bullet-resistant seats, the one-year lease for that vehicle cost $10,200.

The agency also spent $931 in September 2017 on a "breaching kit" — items typically used by law enforcement to gain entry to a locked building or vehicle. Pruitt's security team has run into problems with locked doors before: His security detail called the police to his apartment on March 29, 2017, when they became concerned that they couldn't contact him. Pruitt was taking a nap, but the police and guards smashed down the door and eventually had to pay $2,460 to replace it. Despite that embarrassment, the security detail now has its own door smasher.

Scott Pruitt Has Spent a Total of $4.6 Million on Security, New Disclosures Show — Including $1,500 on "Tactical Pants" [Lee Fang and Nick Surgey/The Intercept]