Kickstarting a gorgeous, thoughtfully designed hardcover notebooks for RPG campaigns

The Game Master's Tome & Player's Compendium are a pair of A5-sized, Moleskine-like notebook with custom interiors designed for RPG gamemasters and players, with 480 pages' worth of hex maps, worldbuilding note sections, character sheets, quest-notes, etc; the stretch-goals include more pages, paper edging, endpaper art, and larger sizes.

The notebooks are $30/each. It's the creator's first Kickstarter, and he doesn't list any production experience, which is a potential red flag for crowdfunders. As always, caveat emptor.

A journal for the 5th Edition of the World's Most Popular Role-Playing Game, the Game Master's Tome is designed specifically for world-building and session prep.

We are printing this journal, with a highly customized interior and we need money for finalizing the design, which includes getting custom stat blocks made for player characters/NPCs/and Monsters, artwork for the end papers, and more.

The journal is 480 pages long, A5 sized, with sections to record all the important world-building facts that you have created, and over a years worth of session prep sections. With a Hex-Map for your world, and over 100 pages devoted to world-building, you'll never be unprepared again when a player asks what the name of that tavern was you visited twenty sessions ago.

The journal will help you organize over a years worth of sessions, whether your players want to shop till they drop or they are fighting for their lives in the dankest, darkest dungeon they could find.

Game Master's Tome & Player's Compendium [Brendan O'Toole/Kickstarter]