Jiffy Pop always did suck over a campfire

I have wonderful childhood memories of Jiffy Pop over a campfire. They are absolutely false.

Jiffy Pop is the hardest way to make popcorn I've seen. Even stove top preparation is a pain. If you pay a lot of attention, and keep the pan in constant motion, Jiffy Pop on a gas stove is still a pleasure. The spiral aluminum top is just heaven to watch fill up.

Cooking Jiffy Pop over a campfire results in upset children. Jiffy Pop really can not be popped over dancing flames and massively uneven temperatures. If you really want to make campfire Jiffy Pop I suggest you dig some coals out of the fire, make a small pile, and try with more even heat.

I'm going camping, and I take Jiffy Pop with me! I just use a gas stove I use to pop it.

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