Ohio judge: transgender teen lacks "maturity, knowledge and stability" to get a name change

The slow eroding of autonomy for trans youth continues apace in Ohio, where a judge denied a legal name change to a trans teen who has taken all available social and medical steps required to do so.

Via Cincinnati.com, Warren County Probate Judge Joseph Kirby stated:

"Whether [the teen] is experiencing Gender Dysphoria or is just not comfortable with her body is something that only time will reveal," Kirby wrote in his decision. "Is [the teen's] distress brought about by confusion, peer pressure, or other non-transgender issues – or is it truly a mismatch between her gender identity and her body."

In a footnote to the decision, Kirby acknowledged that using pronouns improperly can be offensive to the transgender community, but said using "they" as replacement made the documents too hard to read.

"No disrespect is meant to the child in this decision," the footnote said.

Ohio is also considering a bill that would force teachers to out transgender youth to their parents. This of course is completely unrelated to The Atlantic's July cover story about the "ex-trans" movement.

Judge disagrees with parents, doctors. Says transgender teen needs to 'Age. Develop. Mature' (Cincinnati.com)