A grocery store was once shut down so Michael Jackson could shop like an ordinary person

It was Michael Jackson's dream to go grocery shopping like a regular person, to experience what it was like, as he says, to "put things in a basket."

In 2003, after mentioning this desire in an interview, a friend of his who owns a mall with a supermarket closed it all down for a day to grant him his wish. To give it a feeling of authenticity, Michael's staff, family, and friends populated the grocery store. Some dressed up like the store's staff, others like shoppers. Even the muzak was customized for his experience. Then, the King of Pop put on a single yellow latex glove and pushed his cart up and down the aisles. He played around a lot in the store and likened the experience to being at Disneyland, because as he says, "I got to do something I don't normally get to do."

I'm not sure he got an authentic grocery shopping experience but it is fascinating, if not heartbreaking, to watch him try.


screenshots via MJChannelPeru