Watch an artist create designs with enormous spirograph style cogs she made

As artist Mary Wagner makes her piece Joost Up Color, it's very satisfying to see the geometric patterns and layers form.

Via her site:

Wagner's drawings are mediated by machines she herself makes. Relatively simple machines… more akin to the inclined plane or the lever-and-fulcrum than to the personal digital computer. The meshing teeth of gears guide her pen, wheels inside of wheels. Spinning. In our universe everything spins. From the mundane circling of water exiting a drain, to the majestic revolution of our spiraling galaxy, to the minute play of positives and negatives at the core of matter itself. In this way Wagner's drawing emulate and replicate the mechanics of the universe. Everything revolves around a something which is a nothing.

There's something really nice about the slight irregularities in these patterns, too. The hand-made look feels refreshing in a word of perfectly-formed computer drawings of this sort.

"Joost Up Color" Big Spirograph In Progress by Mary Wagner (Mary Wagner / Instagram)