Stormy Daniels arrested for smacking cop in the 'face with her bare breasts.' Charges since dropped.

Misdemeanor charges against Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels were dropped on Thursday, after she was arrested at an Ohio strip club on Wednesday night over a weird law that makes it illegal for strippers to touch anyone with any part of their body while performing.

Stormy Daniels is a porn actress, director, and stripper who says she had an affair with Donald Trump before he became president, and that Trump and his thugs intimidated her into shutting up about it during the election.

From the NYT:

Undercover vice officers from the Columbus Police Department had showed up at the venue, Sirens Gentlemen's Club in northeastern Columbus. They said in affidavits that while dancing topless, Ms. Clifford, who performs under the name Stormy Daniels, pressed patrons' faces into her chest and fondled the breasts of some women in the audience.

She performed similar acts on three officers, and grabbed one by the buttocks, according to the affidavits. Ms. Clifford was charged with three counts of illegal sexually oriented activity, a misdemeanor, the arrest report says.

She grabbed a cop by the butt!

"On Thursday, prosecutors dropped charges against Stormy Daniels, who was cuffed for motorboating undercover vice cops while performing at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio," reports Kate Briquelet at The Daily Beast.

"In a statement, Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein said no crime was committed because Clifford was not a regular performer at the club, as required under the law she was accused of violating."

"My office was not involved in this sting operation, so any additional questions about it must be directed to the Columbus Division of Police," said Klein. "The charges have been dismissed."

Again, from the NYT:

The law under which Ms. Clifford was arrested applies to people who "regularly" appear nude or seminude at a particular establishment, but Ms. Clifford had not appeared at the club consistently, prosecutors said in a motion dismissing the charges. She had only two appearances scheduled there — the one on Wednesday and a second on Thursday, which was later canceled.