Carmaker claims these weird-looking glasses eliminate motion sickness

I get horrible motion sickness sometimes, so I'd LOVE to believe that these glasses actually do what they claim.


The engineers at Citroën have apparently thrown almost 100 years of French design refinement out the window with a new product you don't drive, but will improve your motoring experience. The carmaker's new Seetroën glasses won't win you any style points, but Citroën claims the glasses will eliminate any motion sickness you're feeling after wearing them for just 10 minutes.

…So how are these goofy glasses supposed to alleviate the problem? The frames feature something called Boarding Ring technology, developed by a company of the same name, which is marketing-talk for 'they're filled with liquids that are free to slosh around'. The Seetroën glasses have four liquid-filled rings that, thanks to gravity, simulate the angle and movements of the horizon so that the motions of the blue-dyed liquids seen by the wearer's eyes match what their inner ear is detecting.

The best part? After about 10-12 minutes you DON'T have to wear them anymore. You'll have adjusted to the motion and can go about your day looking less nerdy.

A pair will sell for about $115 when they come available.