How to get started painting RPG miniatures without going broke

I love the Super Punch roundups of gorgeously painted role-playing game miniatures ganked from social media; they fill me with joy and envy, as I've always been an enthusiastic, if not very talented, miniature painter.

John from Super Punch has followed up on his series with a great "getting started" post that includes links to cheap sets of miniature paints (these can cost $7.50 for a thimble-sized jar, but John's got a $100 for 50 paints set), brushes, minis themselves, and links to good tutorial videos.

3. Miniatures: Games Workshop miniatures are expensive, require a lot of assembly, and are difficult to transport. A better choice for beginners is prepainted plastic miniatures. They require no assembly, they're fairly robust, and they might be painted well enough that you can experiment just by repainting parts of them. You can get lots of Heroclix or Wizards of the Coast Star Wars miniatures extremely cheap at ebay.

Getting started painting miniatures [John Frost/Super Punch]

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