An elegant plan to use peer-pressure to fight Alex Jones on Facebook

Alex Jones accused the grieving parents of the dead children of Sandy Hook of being "crisis actors" and kicked off a campaign of brutal harassment by his idiotic followers — 900,000 of them on Facebook alone.

But Facebook says that Jones doesn't violate their terms of service and so they're happy to have him use their platform to incite conspiracy theorists to a campaign of personal destruction directed against the parents of murdered children.

Here's where Burger King's 2009 "Whopper Sacrifice" program kicks in. As Ashwin Rodrigues describes it on Motherboard, Burger King ran a promotion in 2009 where they'd give you a free burger if you unfriended 10 people. 234,000 people were unfriended as a result, each getting an email explaining the circumstances of their defriendment.

Rodrigues proposes a modern take on this: an app that tells you which of your friends follows Alex Jones's Infowars and auto-unfriends them, sending them a message explaining your actions: "You have been unfriended for following InfoWars. Did you know InfoWars' owner Alex Jones was sued by the Sandy Hook families for claiming the massacre was a hoax put on by the government?"

If the Facebook user did not have any friends who "Like" the InfoWars Facebook page, they could still earn one Whopper™ for sharing a link to Whopper Sacrifice 2.0 as a comment on the InfoWars Facebook page.

The App would also have a "Red Meat Pill" feature. Any Facebook user who follows InfoWars would be offered a Burger King Whopper™ in exchange for sharing The Whopper Sacrifice 2.0 app on InfoWars' Facebook page, then un-liking the InfoWars Facebook page.

Obviously, as Facebook knows far too well, there will be "bad actors" who will game the system. Tricksters may re-Like the InfoWars page after redeeming their coupon for a Burger King Whopper™. This is fine. The lethargy produced from consuming a fatty beef sandwich might at least stave off the need to promote conspiracies InfoWars serves up to its Facebook audience.

How Burger King Can Fight InfoWars on Facebook [Ashwin Rodrigues/Motherboard]