Donald Trump keeps saying his father Fred Trump was born in Germany. He was not.

In an interview with CBS News' Jeff Glor on Sunday, President Donald Trump was asked which nations he considered to be foes of the United States.

 Trump's first answer was the European Union. That response became a big deal, as it should, given that it's batshit crazy.

But there was something else in Trump's reply that has flown under the radar.

"Maybe the thing that is most difficult — don't forget both my parents were born in EU sectors okay? I mean my mother was Scotland, my father was Germany. And — you know I love those countries."

Trump's mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump was indeed born in Scotland in 1912. But Frederick Trump Sr. was born in the Bronx in 1905. And this isn't the first time Trump has made such a claim. On July 1st in an interview with Fox News' Maria Bartiromo, he said: "My parents were born in the European Union."

What the hell is happening here? Why is Trump claiming his father was born in Germany?

Shouldn't a man who spent years questioning the birthplace of Barack Obama know where his own damn father was born?

And why hasn't there been any followup to either of these incidents?

Yes, it's hard to keep up with the neverending onslaught of insanity emanating from the White House.

But this isn't something that should be swept under the rug.