Peter Jackson shares clips from his World War I film restoration

Imperial War Museums and 14-18 Now commissioned Peter Jackson to use the latest technology to restore archival footage of World War I, and the results are remarkable.

The First World War proved to be a landmark in cinema history – the first time that the horrors of war could be caught on camera. Peter Jackson, best known for directing The Lord of the Rings trilogy, will be compiling and presenting this footage in a way that has never been seen before. By transforming footage from Imperial War Museums' extensive archive, Jackson will present a new and sharp perspective, as if shot last week rather than more than 100 years ago. Setting this original footage alongside BBC interviews with veterans recorded over the decades since the end of the war, this film will provide a unique new perspective on the 20th century's most shocking conflict.

A new film by Peter Jackson (YouTube / 14-18 NOW)