Watch an autonomous race car navigate a course

Autonomous racing company Roborace demonstrated their latest technology for the crowd at the 2018 Festival of Speed.

Roborace has completed the first official autonomous hillclimb at Goodwood by a race car, with Robocar successfully navigating the 1.16-mile course using artificial intelligence. This milestone moment took place at the 2018 Festival of Speed, the 25th anniversary of the storied event. Roborace provides the car with an API as a platform for teams who then add their AI driver algorithm to the vehicle. Development of the automated driving system for the Robocar at Goodwood was led by ARRIVAL, the automotive technology company.

As many innovations for human-controlled cars came from racing, the new sport of robotic racing may lead to some cool new developments, too. They also have what looks like a pretty cool VR experience:

Robocar makes history as the first autonomous race car to complete the Goodwood hillclimb (YouTube / Roborace)