Rooftopper takes a palm-moistening stroll around a narrow skyscraper roof

Need a little more stress right now? Check out this rooftopper navigating a perilously narrow tile facade hundreds of feet from the ground.

The building also apparently houses a police station of some sort:

Cheung Jai, from Hong Kong, climbed the 55 floors to the roof of the building before walking around the edge without any harness or safety equipment. The 27-year-old has been 'roof topping' for the last four years after watching videos online and it became a daily obsession. Cheung said: "I was quite nervous about this particular one, not because of the height and the level of danger but because there were 200 police officers in the building and I was worried about being arrested.

Daredevils Get Close To Rooftop Edge AT Police HQ (via Caters)