Watch this albino stingray glide gracefully beneath the waves

A scuba diver in shallow water was surprised to see what looked like a "ghostly apparition" coming toward her. It turned out to be a rare albino stingray.

Jane Headley, 57, felt 'privileged' and 'awestruck' during the encounter with the captivating creature in Blairgowrie Marina, on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. She was four-meters down when she spotted the Smooth short-tail stingray, known scientifically as a Dasyatis brevicaudata, that can grow up to 4.3m in length and weigh nearly 56 stone (350kg). The snow-white sea creature fearlessly swam around while on the hunt for spider crabs, who migrate to the area to moult the last of their shells.

Rare Albino Stingray Filmed On Ocean Bed (via)