Singapore healthcare provider breached, personal records of 1.5m people – including the Prime Minister – stolen

Singhealth, a Singaporean public health service, suffered the worst breach in Singaporean history, losing control of 1.5 million peoples' data; included in the breach was prescription data on 160,000 people, including Singapore's prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong.

Singaporean government officials say that the prime minister's data was "specifically and repeatedly targeted." They implied that the breach was carried out by a state actor.

Mr Iswaran, who is also Minister-in-Charge of Cyber Security, will convene a Committee of Inquiry (COI) to conduct an independent external review of the incident. Retired district judge Richard Magnus will chair the committee.

Initial investigations showed that one SingHealth front-end workstation was infected with malware through which the hackers gained access to the data base. The data theft happened between June 27, 2018, and July 4, 2018.

SingHealth has imposed a temporary Internet surfing separation on all of its 28,000 staff's work computers. Other public healthcare institutions will do the same.

Personal info of 1.5m SingHealth patients, including PM Lee, stolen in Singapore's worst cyber attack, Singapore News & Top Stories [Irene Tham/Straits Times]

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