Gentleman who "snatched" ball meant for kid at game was actually a good guy

UPDATE: The video below showing a man who scooped up a ball that was tossed to a child at a Cubs game made it seem like the kid lost out, but apparently, we all got it wrong. According to Digg: "We spoke too soon — according to a bunch of reports collected by Deadspin, the guy who appeared to snatch a baseball from a child had actually helped the kid get a ball earlier in the game and is not, in fact, a bad dude."

I apologize to the man for calling him a ball-snatching gentleman!

Here's the story we ran before the update:

During yesterday's game at Wrigley Field, one of the coaches tossed a ball to a young boy sitting in the front row. But when it slipped through his hands and rolled under his seat, a fully grown gentleman sitting behind him snatched it up and handed it to a woman he was sitting with.

From USA Today:

When first base coach Will Venable tossed a baseball to a young fan seated in the first row, the ball got away and bounced beneath the seat. That was when a middle-aged man in the second row grabbed the baseball and gleefully handed it to the woman next to him. They all had a laugh at the kid's expense. It was senselessly inconsiderate.

Thankfully, the Cubs took notice to these fans' behavior and made sure the young kid not only got himself a baseball but also one-upped those Adult Baseball Fans.

The Cubs made it up to the boy by giving him two balls, one signed by player Javy Baez.

This isn't the first time an adult has grabbed a ball from a child at a game. Take a look at the montage below.

Via USA Today

Image: @Cut4/Twitter