In separate incidents, two women impaled by beach umbrellas

Within the space of a week, two women were impaled by giant umbrellas while enjoying a trip to the beach. Both will make full recoveries. British tourist Margaret Reynolds, 67, was hospitalized after an umbrella "went entirely through her ankle" on a New Jersey beach.

Here's eyewitness insert4coins, who posted the chilling photo of the scene above:

"Bruuuuh holy shit! This lady had an umbrella go through her leg 5 feet away from me! There was a strong gust of wind, there were a couple umbrellas flying. One of the corners of a random one went THROUGH HER FUCKING LEG! That could have been me!"

Then, on Sunday, a woman in Maryland's Ocean City was speared through the chest.

"Witnesses said one gust lifted the umbrella," Waters said.

She said the sharper end the umbrella shaft, which is used to plant it into the ground, impaled the woman in the chest. It was not clear how deep a wound it caused.

I know this is a long shot, but bear with me here: has anyone checked to see if it's the same umbrella?