Kickstarting another chapter in "Space Command"

Marc Zicree (writer on Star Trek:TNG, DS9 and more) and friends are kickstarting another volume in their enormously successful fan-funded, "retro and stylish" Space Command science fiction show.

They're looking to raise just $45,000 (they're $24,000+ of the way there) to fund postproduction on the next two half hours of Space Command: Redemption. The cast for these episodes is an impressive, all-star affair, including Doug Jones, Mira Furla, Faran Tahir, Robert Picardo, James Hong, Bill Mumy, Bruce Boxleitner, John Hennigan, Michael Harney, and more. Premiums include downloads, Blu-Rays, and inclusion in the end credits.

SPACE COMMAND is an original Epic Science Fiction Drama series that follows the adventures of the United Planet's Space Command, a dedicated group of scientists, soldiers and adventurers exploring the solar system. The series recalls the space operas of the golden age of science fiction that enthralled audiences with an optimistic view of future and a belief in the triumphant spirit of mankind.

Seen through the eyes of three families, the KEMMERS, the ODARAS and the SEKANDERS spearhead a new wave of settlers who head out into the new frontier as the exploration, settlement and development of Mars, the asteroid belt and the outer moons and planets of our solar system begins – and you can be there with SPACE COMMAND!

Space Command: Redemption, Chapters 3 and 4! [Marc Zicree/Kickstarter]