Watch a massive haboob engulf southern Arizona towns

Jesse Watson captured this perfectly-timed footage of a massive dust cloud roiling across the Arizona desert at sunset.

Here is yesterday's monster Haboob that screamed across the southern Arizona desert!! Shots were taken from Tacna, Welton, and Yuma. This week has been absolutely incredible for shooting. Last night marked my third haboob this week and by far the largest I've ever seen in my life, it was monstrous!!! I checked my radar late in the afternoon and saw that storms were blowing up and heading my way from Gila Bend. My girl friend was cooking dinner, I ran into the kitchen and said let's good shoot, there's a haboob coming our way! So put the food on hold and jumped in my truck. Drove a about an hour east of Yuma until we caught up with the massive wall of dust that was racing towards us. Once we were upon the haboob, I grabbed my cameras and tripods to roll timelapse until the dust hit us. Then I jumped in my truck and raced ahead of the haboob to repeat the process, leap frogging all of the way back to Yuma, AZ. In total I captured over 800 images and drove 200 miles to create this timelapse.

Monstrous Haboob Sweeps Across Southern Arizona! 4K (YouTube / Jesse Watson)