Watch how to make hard candy shaped like a sushi roll

Montreal-based CandyLabs is back after far too long with a lovely demonstration of how they make hard candy that looks like a sushi roll.

Via the videographer Stereokroma:

Candylabs invited Stereokroma back to shoot another video. We thought we would do something a little different this time… We shot this video in 60 fps! It's extra buttery smooth and we hope it heightens the mesmerizing experience of candy making. Also, have you tried sushi candy?

If you're not familiar with sushi, this style of sushi is called a maki roll. A maki roll is the type of sushi which is filled in the center with finely chopped ingredients, then layered with rice, then wrapped in seaweed. Sushi comes in different shapes, and another type is sashimi, which is simply the fish on top of a ball of rice. So does it taste like fish? Actually, the flavour is strawberry-kiwi, which is mainly fruity and sweet. Lin and Mei simply mimic the appearance as accurately as possible for fun. Why not try their workshop and make a whole bento box yourself?

Candylabs uses an old-fashion, old world process of making candy. They use no machines (beyond a stove to boil sugars) and make the candy by hand. Their candy is made with simple ingredients and comes in a huge variety of flavours — we recently tried Matcha, for example. It is vegan and gluten-free. It takes Justin and Karolina the entire day to film the process, patiently watching each step.

To see all their treats, visit the CandyLabs site.

How to Make Candy Sushi Rolls | Où se trouve: CandyLabs (YouTube / Stereokroma)