Group of women steal up to $17,000 worth of yoga gear from Lululemons across California in broad daylight

From Fresno to all over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, three women have been sauntering into Lululemon stores, stuffing large tote bags with as much clothing as they can, and taking off with up to $17,000 worth of merch. And they do this right in front of the store's employees and customers, including kids.

It's not clear whether the thieves in Fresno are the same people who are stealing in Berkeley (at least 3 times at the same store), Stanford, Walnut Creek, San Mateo, and other locations, but in all cases they've made it out of the store without a hitch. Why so easy? One reason is because at Lululemon, "Employees are not allowed to confront or chase thieves due to a company policy," according to CNN.

So far no one has been arrested.

Via CNN and San Francisco Chronicle