Lovely drone footage of a boat trip through a sea of lotuses

Photographer Barry Kusuma shares this beautiful and relaxing footage of his visit to Thailand's Lake Nong Han, nicknamed the Red Lotus Sea.

Lake Nong Han, which is one of my favorite places in Udon Thani Thailand. To get to this lake from Udon Thani City takes about 40 minutes drive. Upon arriving at this lake I rented a boat. In the first 10 minutes of my boat ride this lake looks ordinary because there's just a little lotus growing, but the farther in the boat I drove, finally there was a vast expanse of beautiful lotus landscape.

This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever visited, because there are millions of lotus flowers in this lake. if you want to go to Japan to enjoy the cherry blossoms, then in Thailand you are obliged to enjoy the lotus flower in Lake Nong Han which only bloom in December until February.

Amazing Red Lotus Sea, Nong Han Lake Udon Thani. (North East Thailand) (YouTube / Barry Kusuma)