Obese orange baby has fit after TV tuned to wrong channel

All televisions on Air Farce One may only be tuned to FOX News! ONLY FOX NEWS!!!!

Via The Week:

After an incident during a recent trip, all televisions inside Air Force One must now be tuned to Fox News when President Trump comes aboard, The New York Times reports. The Times viewed an email chain between officials from the White House Military Office and the White House Communications Agency sent last Thursday, which described Trump discovering that first lady Melania Trump's television was set to CNN. He become enraged, causing "a bit of a stir," one of the emails states, because he considers CNN "fake news." The officials ultimately decided that two more televisions with streaming capabilities would be ordered, allowing the Trumps to watch TV in separate hotel rooms while traveling, and that moving forward, the TVs will all be tuned to Fox News.

He said FOX NEWS!!!