Relax to the soothing sounds of sand smooshed and sliced

Need to relax for a couple of minutes? Don those headphones and head over to Sand Tagious for some very satisfying slicing and smooshing of kinetic sand.

In this video you will see Kinetic Sand Cube Drops and Squish in a glass along with Very Crunchy Cutting, Melon Baller Scooping and MadMattr cutting as well! Satisfying Compilation 70 will help you relax completely and might also help you fall asleep. If you like oddly satisfying and relaxing sand videos then you will like these.

This stuff is a lot of fun and not too pricey if you want to get your own:

Warning: management is not responsible for viewers who spend several hours watching additional Sand Tagious videos.

Very Satisfying Video Compilation 70 Kinetic Sand Cutting ASMR (YouTube / Sand Tagious)