Congressperson Dana Rohrabacher calls cops on citizen for asking questions

One of California's remaining GOP stalwarts, Congressperson Dana Rohrabacher (CA48) has resorted to calling on police to stop citizens asking questions about his deeply suspicious ties to Russia.

Accused of being on on Putin's payroll by Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rohrabacher is in a vulnerable position this November. Rather than opening up and reaching out to the public, and his constituents, Rohrabacher is going Trumpista and calling the cops on them.

Via The Daily Banter:

Ivy Perlman (name changed) is an activist from Los Angeles who currently lives in another state. Last week, she repeatedly called Rohrabacher's offices with questions concerning these recent developments. Although any citizen is within their First Amendment rights to call a congressperson's office, regardless of whether or not they live in their district, the Rohrabacher office refused to answer her questions and hung up on her multiple times, occasionally sending her straight to voicemail.

When Ivy called again, she found that the office had redirected her to the Capitol Police, who then placed a report with the LAPD's Threat Assessments Unit and informed the Washington and Huntington Beach offices that they'd done so. Using her cell phone's area code, they traced Ivy's call back to the LA suburb where she was raised. Around 11:45 AM on Wednesday, July 18th, Ivy's mother, Jen, found a card from the LAPD on her doorstep that read, "Ivy Perlman, please call me. Thank you."

Jen's first instinct upon receiving the card was to call the Huntington Beach office. She recalled that when they answered, "I didn't even identify myself…and they['d] already pegged me as being related to her," she said. This led her to believe that his office had reported her daughter to the LAPD. The Washington office treated her the same way, hanging up on her mid-conversation after threatening to report her. The LAPD did not respond to her call. Eventually, Ivy talked with them, and said that the woman on the phone was "not very nice." The Los Angeles Police Department says that the card left on Ms. Perlman's doorstep was "for communication purposes only" and that no crime report was filed. The Capitol Police and the Rohrabacher office have not commented on the story.

Rorhabacher's opponent is Harley Rouda. I have given money to his campaign and suggest you do as well.