Randy's Black Label gets my marijuana smoking glassware sparkling clean

I hate using a dirty pipe or bong. Randy's Black Label gets glassware clean as new, with very little effort.

With all the fantastic strains of marijuana available in today's flowering recreational market it makes no sense to smoke through a dirt old pipe. I prefer a water bong to a pipe, but they get nasty so quickly that cleaning one, even with more former favorite bong cleaning solution, Formula 420, was a pain. Randy's Black Label has made things even easier.

After rinsing whatever I'm cleaning out with hot water, all I need to do is simply squirt some of Randy's solution, and the accompanying scouring "crystals", out of the bottle and into my pipe or bong. A short and vigorous shake should take place, and then let the item sit for 60 seconds. Rinse it out very well, I find Randy's take several rinses and to get any residual odor or film out of the smoking device. Literally all the goop, resin, and nasty wash clean and even hard to reach corners and nooks will be clear.

I don't use a bag like the gentleman in the video, I just cover the openings with my hands. I also shake less. I do enjoy his soundtrack, it is the right one for cleaning a bong.

On stems and other really narrow areas I'll dip a pipe cleaner in the solution and scrub thru a bit. Stuff comes loose instantly, and usually with 1 pass. I use these Zen brand pipe cleaners, they are abrasive and really do the job.

I still use Formula 420 on lighter cleaning jobs. I prefer how it smells and it takes less rinsing out — but the Randy's gets stuff much cleaner.

Randy's Black Label Glass, Metal, Ceramic Cleaner, 12 fl. oz. via Amazon

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