Toronto councillor praises gerrymandering plan to silence "left-leaning" voices in the city

Robbo Mills writes, "Speaking at a press conference at the Provincial Parliament in Queen's Park on Monday, Toronto Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti said Premier Doug Ford's plan to gut Toronto City Council is a good move because it would silence 'left-leaning' voices on council.

"I live in Toronto. I live in Parkdale. I love this city. I hate these fucking wannabe tyrant jerkweed asshat corporate puppet sausages. I also hate that the for the next 4 years I'm going to be fighting a relentless parade of these dipshitscicles. I hate it. I'm old. I'm tired. But I ain't gonna never back down on shenanigans like this. Fuck them."

One city councillor and longtime Ford ally suggested Monday there may be another motive for the move.

"There's going to be less left-leaning politicians in the City of Toronto and that means it's a great thing and it's a great day for the taxpayer," Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti said in a news conference to defend the plan.

While Mammoliti and a handful of likeminded councillors showed their support for the bill at the provincial legislature, their peers at city hall discussed their options to oppose the plan, which many have said was foisted on them unexpectedly after the city had already ruled against a similar proposal.

Toronto council votes to oppose Ontario bill to cut number of councillors
[Paola Loriggio and Michelle McQuigge/Canadian Press]

(Image: John Tavares, CC-BY-SA)