One US dollar costs 175,000 Venezuelan bolívars

In 2010 a Venezuelan bolívar was worth about US$0.50. Today it's worth US$0.0000058.

Here's another way of looking at it. A satoshi is one one-hundred-millionth of a single bitcoin. At the current exchange rate, a bolívar is worth less than 1/8th of a satoshi.

The Central Bank of Venezuela is getting ready to issue a new currency, called the bolívar soberano. The plan was to make 1,000 bolívar = 1 bolívar soberano in June, but the president decided to wait until later this month and make 100,000 bolívar = 1 bolívar soberano.

This is what 2,1m bolivars (1 USD) looks like. Inflation this week was 50% aproximately - 170% montly inflation from r/pics