These Bluetooth earbuds bring true wireless audio without the bulk

Less is more, especially when it comes to earbuds. While most manufacturers tend to pack their earbuds with excessive features that drive up their prices, Cresuer's Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds focus on simply producing crisp, wireless audio without weighing you down. They're available in the Boing Boing Store for $44.99 today.

Engineered with Bluetooth 4.1 and CVC Noise Cancellation, the Touchwave Earbuds let you enjoy your favorite playlists while filtering outside distractions. Their uncluttered, lightweight, and minimalistic design makes them easy to transport, and you can count on them to stay in place thanks to their secure-fitting ear tips. What's more, the Touchwaves boast a solid three-hour battery life that can be recharged up to four times with the included charging case.

Upgrade your Bluetooth listening to a more convenient listening solution with Cresuer's Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds, available in the Boing Boing Store for $44.99—55% off the usual price.