Chamomile Tea Party: remixed propaganda posters for the Trump age

Jeff Gates writes, "Back in 2010, when I started to take old propaganda posters and remix them with new text and imagery about the sad state of American political discourse, Boing Boing was the first to publicize the work.

Eight years later, I'm still chronicling our political landscape. Now I have done over 170 of these posters. Google Arts & Culture recently launched a six-part exhibition of the work with 120 posters and their originals. In addition, the GAC platform allowed me to weave a narrative that describes the path the US has taken during this period. In a way, it reads like visual book. And, most important, has already/will become a historic document of the time. This is the first time Google Arts & Culture has published current political work on their site. With politics being such a hot topic, I appreciate Google's support of my work.

I thought you'd like to see how the work has developed. In addition, all of my posters are free to download and use under a Creative Commons copyright.

Chamomile Tea Party [Jeff Gates/Google Arts and Culture]