Watch this musician ride her bike while performing on sax and drums

Artist and copyright shero Ali Spagnola (previously) released Freewheeling, where she plays sax while riding her bike, which doules as all the percussion instruments.

She shot the video while taking advantage of one of LA's bike-friendly road closure days:

This is my original song, Freewheeling. Yes, it was written to be performed on a bike. I played the drums and saxophone while biking with no hands for your musical entertainment. I hope you enjoy :)

She also does one-person band performances off bikes, too, like Michael Jackson covers:

If you like her art and respect that she spent $30K of her own money to win a dumb federal trademark case, she's the kind of independent artist who deserves a little Patreon love!

DRUMS + SAX played on a BIKE! (Music Video) (YouTube / Ali Spagnola)