Treasures continue to be unearthed this summer in Pompeii

Pompeii is a vast archaeological site that continues to yield treasures buried beneath the pumice. This summer, workers discovered new murals and artifacts at the site of a wealthy homeowner's estate, nicknamed House of Jupiter for a statue of the god found there.

Via Inquisitr:

The house was fully decked out in what is referred to as first Roman style, or primo stile pompeiano, with many of its rooms painted in vivid shades of yellow, green, and red. In addition, there was a lavish central atrium that was also found inside the House of Jupiter.

To get a sense of how vast Pompeii is, this trippy drone video set to Pink Floyd's Echoes might help:

Archaeologists Have Discovered New Hidden Treasures In Pompeii In The Home Of A 'Wealthy And Cultured' Man (Inquisitr)