Gas Station Encounters is a YouTube channel about crimes, cons, hijinx, and high weirdness in gas station stores

If Gas Station Encounters had been around in the 1980s, it would have run on Night Flight. This YouTube channel has an endless supply of videos depicting dumb stick-up men, con artists, bad drivers, and weird people. In the video above we see a small time grifter pulling a short change con on a cashier. The video includes narration by another cashier explaining how to spot this trick for the benefit of those who share his profession. And below are a couple of videos showing people who used gas station dumpsters to dispose their garbage, only to have it returned to their driveway by a gas station employee:

There are even videos of good samaritans, like this one where a guy parks his pickup truck in the parking lot and walks into the gas station store, failing to notice that his truck was rolling away. Another man standing in the parking lot made a heroic last minute save: