Watch this colorful mesh sculpture transform a Greek ruin

Juxtaposing bright spray-painted mesh with the ocean vista of a 400-year-old Greek ruin, artistic duo Quintessenz created Kagkatikas Secret.

The installation is located on the island of Paxos in the Adriatic Sea. This work unfolds in a 400-year-old ruin in the village of Kagatika to offer an aesthetic and unique contrast between the old and the new, waiting for the public to contemplate.

The mesh material is colourized with spray paint in 120 different colour shades, and each layer is getting more prominent when you walk to the window from where you can see the wideness of the view. For the ones who will go there, the installation is a part of the Paxos Contemporary Art Project and will run until September 9th.

Bonus video: their piece Colormaze:

And Flickering Lights, made of the same materials as the Paxos work:

Kagkatikas Secret (Vimeo / Quintessenz)