Comic book art being auctioned off for a great cause

Giving generously to an important cause is cool. Y'all know what's cooler? Giving generously to an important cause and, as a result, becoming the proud owner of a gorgeous piece of comic book art.

Cat Staggs — the co-creator of Crosswind and an artist on Wonder Woman '77 — was approached at a recent comic book convention and was commissioned by a fan, Danielle Van Lier, to throw together a gorgeous drawing of Wonder Woman. It was a sketch with a mission: to raise as much coin as possible for Immigrant Families Together. It's a charity that focuses its efforts on improving the lives of families separated at America's southern borders in the following areas:

• Raising funds through coordinated crowdfunding and individual giving in order to post bond for parents separated from their children
• Paying bonds and providing pro bono legal representation to fulfill all legal responsibilities while awaiting trial so that they may be with their children
• Arranging safe transportation from state of detention to the city where children are currently in foster care
• When needed, finding long-term housing in the destination city while they await trial
• Connecting parents with resources in order to sustain them during the process of being unified with their children
• Working with local organizations and government to expedite the process of achieving full custody of their children while they await trial

Given the shitty way that the Trump administration has been treating families seeking safe harbor from the dangers of their homes, this is vital work. Perhaps more importantly, it's vital work that you can support.

If you're a comic book fan, pop art aficionado, love someone who is, or simply want to contribute to a stellar cause, you can place a bid on Catt's sketch, here. 100% of the auction's proceeds will be handed over to the charity.

Just don't wait too long to do so: the auction closes on Friday, August 17th.

Artwork provided by Cat Skaggs and Amanda Diebert. Used with permission.