I'm heading to Burning Man! (here's where to find me)

Hey you! I'm driving to the Playa this Thursday, and there's a small but significant chance that you'll be there too! If you're around, come and say hi!

Thursday, Aug 30 at noon: I'm co-hosting the second annual Liminal Speaks lecture, with Crystal Beasley and Jonathan Steuer. Our topic this year is "Who Am I This Time? Three Geeks Talking Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Identity." We're on at noon on Thursday, at my camp, Liminal Labs, which is at Rod's Road at 3:15, off the 6 O'Clock Plaza (warning, Rod's Road addresses are screwy! Look for the circular gate, the flying El Camino art car, and the 53-foot trailer that we show movies on).

Friday, Aug 31 at 4PM: I'm also doing a solo presentation at Center Camp Cafe at 4PM on Friday August 31, entitled: "The Only Good Robot is an Owner-Overrideable Robot." I'll be talking about how our future depends on being able to control our technology, rather than the other way around.