Today in "do not give this asshole your money": the Michael Cohen Truth Fund

When Lanny Davis announced the launch of the Michael Cohen Truth Fund campaign through GoFundMe, he should have been laughed off of television. Appearing on the Today Show, Davis said his client "needs help from the American people to tell the truth." At that moment, Lanny became less like a lawyer and more like a televangelist. "We can save this nation from the firey pits of hell with the truth that only our dear brother Michael can deliver! Pick up the phone now and give in the name of the Lord Almighty!" Oh, and the cost of that truth? $500,000.

1 in 3 campaigns on GoFundMe are to cover medical expenses. People desperately looking for money to cover a surgery, pay for chemo costs, get a wheelchair for their kid. Money can be raised via GoFundMe for virtually anything. But there's something especially revolting about using it to help the man who once famously said he take a bullet for the President whose shitty health care policies are what has driven a lot of those desperate people to GoFund Me in the first place.

Less than 24 hours after its launch, the Michael Cohen Truth Fund has raised over $133,000. When I saw that amount, I was horrified. This is money that'll go to a man who purchased a $6.7 million dollar apartment FOUR months ago. A man who spent nearly a decade as Donald Trump's personal Ray Donovan. A man who didn't give a flying rat's ass about telling the truth until he realized he was looking at a lengthy prison sentence. But even though I was horrified, I kind of understood it. Our country has gone completely off the rails and we're all desperate to get rid of the conductor before he slams it into a wall or hands the keys over to his pal, Vlad. And that desperation can make people do funny things. Confession: I was one of the wildly optimistic fools who donated to Jill Stein's recount fiasco. So I understand the compulsion to throw coins into the Fountain of Bad Ideas. But not for Michael Cohen. Not for a man whose Holocaust-surviving father had to remind his son that he didn't survive just to have Donald Trump sully his name.

We deserve to know everything Michael Cohen knows about the crimes Donald Trump and his family may have committed. But there's no way in hell the American people should have to pay in order for him to tell it. Don't give this asshole your money. He can sell another Birkin bag instead.

[Photo: GoFundMe]