ProtonVPN brings Swiss legal protection to the privacy game

From encryption strength to server count, there are plenty of factors to consider when purchasing a VPN, but one many users ignore is where their provider is based. Choosing a VPN in a country with weak privacy laws still leaves you vulnerable, as governments can compel VPNs to share their users' data. Therein lies the value of a VPN like ProtonVPN.

ProtonVPN is Swiss-based and protected by famously strong privacy laws, so—unlike other providers—it won't be coerced into spying on its users. Proton keeps you safe with ultra-secure AES-256 encryption and leverages Perfect Forward Secrecy make sure your encrypted traffic stays private. Plus, Proton takes its security to the next level by housing its server infrastructure in hardened locations, like an underground fallout shelter and a former army base.

ProtonVPN Plus subscriptions are on sale, with 1-year plans starting at $59.99—50 percent off the usual price.