My favorite 70s style leather cuff of an Apple Watch band

This is my daily wear Apple Watch band.

Apple Watch is a fantastic fitness tracker, but its ability to switch bands in mere seconds is a pretty great feature as well. I have bands dress up, and bands for getting sweaty, but mostly I wear this leather cuff.

My father used to wear his watch on a big ugly leather "Hercules" cuff, or so I called it as a tyke back in the 70s. I found that watch, and put it on a nice band sometime in my 20s, but it was later stolen from my home. When I was searching for bands for my Apple Watch I came across this one, and it reminded me of his, but the white stitching gives it more style than my father could likely handle.

The leather is a very nice quality, and has both the look and feel I expect of those 1970s leather bracelets. It has worn and scuffed just enough to look pretty legit, and is super comfortable. I have even taken to wearing it to bed, as I've added a sleep tracking app to the watch as well.

This band should fit most everyone out of the box. My wrists are on the thin side, of the seven holes for fitment I use the 2nd. At my largest I'll never need more than the 3rd. I'd assume most men and women can wear this band, and if you have an awl you'll be just fine. There is lots of room to add smaller and larger holes.

I wear this watchband as a tribute to my father, the Inspector Clouseau of fashion.

LoveBlue Compatible Apple Watch Band 42mm, iwatch Band Apple Watch Genuine Leather Band Replacement Strap with Stainless Steel Clasp for Series 3/2/ 1 (42mm-Crazy Horse Leather Coffe) via Amazon