Fortnite Summer Skirmish ultimate showdown: NickMercs vs Aydan

All summer long Epic Games has thrown huge money at their exciting series of tournaments, the Fortnite Summer Skirmish. Two players in particular made this weekend's grande finale burning hot! NickMercs and Ghost Gaming's Aydan made Tilted Towers their personal dueling ground.

NickMercs is known for his brutal, efficient gameplay on console with a controller in a game dominated by keyboard and mouse PC players. He is also well known for going to Tilted Towers, a high loot, high action portion of the Fortnite Island. In the $1.5 million dollar showdown finale another console player decided to take him down! Ghost gaming's insanely aggressive Aydan repeatedly landed Tilted and the play was spectacular!

I loved Aydan dancing on Nickmercs eliminated puddle of loot! Face to face they were gracious, clearly in awe of one another's play, and clearly the two players to watch.