$400,000 raised for homeless man is missing

"There's no money left," says the attorney for a woman and her boyfriend who launched a GoFundMe account for a homeless man who gave his last $20 to the woman so she could put gas in her car. $400,000 had been raised in the crowdfunded effort, but the couple, Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico, only gave a portion of the funds to the homeless man, Johnny Bobbitt Jr. They said they were withholding the remaining funds from Bobbitt because they were concerned he would use it to buy drugs. In the meantime, D'Amico admits using some of the money himself to gamble, but he says he paid it back.

Bobbitt is suing the couple to get the rest of his money, and the question that no one is able or willing to answer is, "Where did all the money go?" To help get to the bottom of things, GoFundMe has given Bobbit $20,000 and is working with authorities.

A New Jersey ABC news station has investigated the online spending habits of McClure (a secretary who makes $43,000 a year) and D'Amico (a carpenter) since they launched the fund for Bobbit and found that they embarked on a lavish lifestyle of travel, a helicopter ride, shopping, and front row tickets to a Broadway show.