Marco Rubio and Alex Jones threaten one another in pathetic confrontation

Things got heated outside a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing about social media today when conspiracy theorist Alex Jones touched the person of Sen. Marco Rubio in a successful attempt to get him into a deranged discussion about social media.

When Jones reached out to touch Rubio's shoulder, the senator glared at Jones, warning him not to touch him again in front of a gaggle of reporters with cameras and notebooks.

"You're not gonna get arrested man," Rubio said after Jones said he had only "padded you nicely." "I'll handle it myself."

Jones then accused Rubio of threatening to beat him up.

"Marco Rubio just threatened to beat me up," Jones told a camera trailing him around on Capitol Hill.

"I didn't say that," Rubio said.

After being booted from most social media sites over his barely fig-leaved calls for political violence, Jones' fortunes have fallen fast. Expect more and bigger stunts like this.

Do not miss Jones' impression of Rubio, as captured by Vice News's Jesse Seidman.

UPDATE: I have made this into a looping GIF. You're welcome.